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Yes you do. In order for us to guarantee to other users the acceptance of the swap we must ensure that each user has the funds available prior to confirming the swap.

When using your card abroad at the ATM or when you buy something, you may be given the choice to pay or be billed in the local currency or GBP - ALWAYS choose the local currency option.

You can call our friendly helpline on +44 (0) 20 3422 2223. We are open 9am - 6pm 7 days a week*. You should receive your new SWAPX card in 5-7 days.

A Pre-Paid travel money card is preloaded with currency before you go abroad. This has the benefit of alleviating charges and currency conversions typically associated with making purchases overseas. With no overdraft, there is no way you can go over budget or be in debt. With flexible reload options, you can always top up if funds are low. Furthermore, where applicable, you do not need to be concerned about 'nasty' conversion charges or fees, as you are paying or withdrawing in currency that has already been loaded onto the card.*

Not forgetting that carrying your currency on a prepaid card is a far more secure option than travelling around with cash.

*ATM's may have an additional charge but this will be displayed before you take the funds out.

You can use your SWAPX Card anywhere Mastercard® is accepted, in millions of locations around the world, however here are a few place where your card will not work:

  • Pay at Pump Fuel Terminals
  • Gambling & Gaming Outlets (Online & High Street)
  • Toll Road payment terminals
  • Locations without chip & pin facilities (Mag stripe Only) - this is of particular relevance in the US, where believe it or not, payment card technology is way behind the UK!
  • Car Hire Companies
  • Outlets that require a deposit such as hotels & car hire companies. We suggest you use an alternative bank/credit card for the pre-deposit then pay any balance with your SWAPX card to ensure you still get the best rates.
Here are some tips for your to keep in mind:
  • If you need to use the ATM, its safer to use bank or building society machines & not the small independent ones (they have a tendency to not be the most secure).
  • If you ever think your card has been lost or stolen- Most importantly don't panic. Log straight onto the APP & in settings you can block the card from being used. If you then find the card - you can unblock it, but if not, you can relax knowing your money is safe, & then contact customer support to do the rest.
  • When paying by card you might be asked to make a quick decision between pounds or the local currency. Pounds and pence may feel more familiar, but we ALWAYS recommend you choose the local currency when using the ATM or paying with your card.


Yes. You can LOAD and then SEND money to another SWAPX account holder in any of our supported currencies.

Your SWAPX account includes a wallet of Euro and GBP. When you spend or withdraw cash in these currencies with a balance in the local currency there's no currency exchange charged to your account. If you want to SWAP from one of these currencies into your 'in-country' currency, then that will be done dynamically at the ATM or POS, and will be charged at 0.5% of the current interbank exchange rate.

Yes, you can add up to two further card holders to your account.


When you load money to your SWAPX account using a debit card there are certain costs to us which are charged by the card networks. Until we reach a certain volume of customers we need to charge a small fee to help over these costs. At the time if writing, this fee is 1% of your load amount. Once you have loaded funds to you account, you can start swapping.

You can use your SWAPX Card just like a debit card to spend or withdraw money in your SWAPX account. It's completely free to make payments online, at the high street or at any point of sale. When you use an ATM at home or abroad a £1.50 fee applies so it's always cheaper to use your SWAPX card instead of using cash. You can also make instant contactless payments with your SWAPX Card for free wherever contactless is accepted. See all our fees here.

Certain spending limits apply to your card which are highlighted below.

  • Daily cash withdrawal limit £500.00
  • Limit per transaction £1000.00
  • Daily transaction limit £1000.00
  • 7 day transaction limit £5000.00
  • 7 day cash withdrawal & quasi cash transaction limit £3500.00


Your security is our number one priority - MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard® International Incorporated. 

You can call our friendly helpline on +44 (0) 20 3422 2223. We are open 9am - 6pm 7 days a week*. You should receive your new SWAPX card in 5-7 days.

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